Pleroma Integrated Ltd
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Book Stores & Publishing

We have been applying and developing our expertise in book publishing. Also, we operate bookstores stocked with informative materials/literature.

IT Consulting

Our IT service aimed at alining information systems with your business objectives in order to enhance performance, enhance efficiency and optimise profit.

Market Research

We offer a variety of business intelligence solutions designed to solve your toughest challenges by identifying precisely the research you need and ensure its prompt delivery.

Media Consulting & Productions

Our Media arm is manned with specialists who are passionate about engaging and informing your audiences about core areas of competence and deliverables of your business.

Motivational Speaking

Our motivational speaking programme can be a great ego booster, not to mention a huge benefit to your career.

Phytochemical Research

Our Phytochemical research efforts focuses on providing the most diverse phytochemicals you can find, from the best source so as to provide high quality products and service at the most competitive price.